IAP optimizes almost any sound system, room, and listening situation. It includes the only dsp-based acoustic damping (Clarity) and the world’s best immersive upmix.


We promise long-term support for all our IAP models. IAPs underwent three major hardware revisions since 2011. Processors from 2011 still receive latest software, firmware, and hardware (HDMI) updates.


IAP come with two, or up to 16 channels, with high quality analog-digital and digital-analog converters. Almost any type of source can connect. Phono, digital, USB, network, and even HDMI. It is not a PC. It does not need cooling and uses a dedicated signal processor. It has advanced pre-amplifier features.



Unique features for stereo systems. Balanced and unbalanced outputs.



Stereo plus two additional channels for subwoofers, crossovers, center, surround, or height loudspeakers.



Its channels can be used for multi-channel, crossovers, subwoofers, and loudspeaker arrays.


IAP 16

Our most flexible immersive multi-channel audio processor.

Signal Processing



High precision filters, crossovers, and bass management linearize the system and optimise it for the room.



An entirely unique technique, beyond room eq, making bass dryer and sound less resonating.


Depth / Immersion

Makes the sound more spacious than your room would normally allow. Optimally uses all available loudspeakers.


Center Loudspeaker

Localization quality of an acoustic concert? Add a center loudspeaker and enjoy the world’s best center channel processing (also for stereo sources).


Dynamic Range

Remasters music in real-time for effortless casual listening.


Wide Stereo

Front stage reproduced using up to 5 loudspeakers. With or without center channel.


Center Gain

Gain of phantom center (and center-channel ofr multi-channel sources) can be adjusted to ones liking. Need better clarity and integibillity? Increase center gain. Want more spaciousness, decrease it. Unique feature. Audiophile, fades to bit-identical for 0 dB.

Remote Tuning

Perfectly optimizing your system and room is as simple as this: measure your system, send the data to us, load our result into IAP – done!


The number of possibilities are immense: different rooms, different setups, differnet number of channels, different listening habits… Complexity is high and chance of error, too. To ensure an optimally tuned system for each customer, Illusonic developed its remote tuning system, by which Illusonic professionals analyze and tune each custumer’s system and room acoustic. Tuning service is included for free with every IAP.



IAP Configuration

With this software you can conveniently configure IAP and customize it to your sound system. Hide unused inputs, rename inputs, and define sound presets. You can save, backup, and restore all IAP settings.


IAP Calibration

The same software that we are using for our remote tuning service is freely available to each IAP user.

A well implemented filter itself is not per see “good” or “bad”. Filters become useful only if they manipulate a signal in a way that a desired result is achieved. IAP Calibration is the most powerful acoustic measurement, analysis, and optimization software available! Illusonic is licensing an adapted version of IAP Calibration to automotive industry.

Based on a series of multi-point measurements, a professional can optimize a system with IAP Calibration, no matter how complex it is, without a need for re-measuring the result. This is possible thanks to IAP Calibration’s capability to simulate the result of applying filters, crossovers, and combining loudspeakers.